Project Description

A Walk in Common

Sally Stenton

An invitation to walk wherever you are

On Saturday 10th April 2021

11am (UK time)

Email to register your interest.

In her contribution to Roar, Sally Stenton described a simultaneous walk in Cambridge and Basra with a shared view of the moon. Since that time she has created more artistic interventions that re-frame our everyday familiar walks and over the last year has facilitated communal walks at a distance, enabling people to connect during a time of human to human distancing. 

On 10th April she invites people to walk wherever they are, knowing that others are walking at the same time. Everyone will be offered the same poetic prompt that will be determined by the number of legs walking. images sent by the walkers of paws, feet, shoes etc will be formed into a collage that will be shared with all participants.

To receive the prompt register your interest via email and you will be invited to indicate by 2pm on 9th April, the number of legs walking (including four legged companions).

The poster is a collage of text and image from distanced co-walkers: Sandy Layton, Aya Hastwell, Julia Rizzi, Rosemary Raine, Chris Stenton, Svetlana Atlavina and Stanley, who took part in one of 52 ‘Walks without Edges’ in Feb 2021.

Collage, invitation and photos by Sally Stenton 2021